October 1, 2022


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Bron Breakker defends his title against Joe Gacy NXT at your home

Bron Breakker defends his title against Joe Gacy NXT at your home

Bron Breakker had his nerves under control, but Joe Gacy’s mind games nearly cost the champ his NXT In Your House title. Breakker was all about springing into action in the main event of the premiere’s live event because he was the first competitor to come out for a match and that included the pomp and circumstances of breaking a wall. On the other hand, Gacy was all about juggling even before he made his way to the squared circle. The Challenger took all the time he wanted to make it to the ring as the Challenger started a game plan to beat the Breaker’s skin.

Gacy was methodical in his attacks and had a deceptive strategy in the match. One of the most important sites featured a priest in disguise from Gacy jumping on an apron. As this went on, Gacy threw a chair at the Breakker who grabbed him and pulled Gacy a trick out of Eddie Guerrero’s book acting as if the Breakker had hit him. The referee turned around to see the supposed score, but as he was calling the bell, another official stopped him. The match continued and Gacy found himself swinging through the commentary table.

Soon, Breakker’s temper seemed to almost overtake him as he had a steel chair in his hand. Gacy was begging Bricker to hit him with it, but the champ stopped the chair, resulting in a low blow from Gacy. It ended with the result when Breakker smashed a priest into a chair, turned around, and grabbed Gacy’s spring in the middle of the hand with a bayonet. Bricker then hit his gorilla press for a 1-2-3 confirmation.

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Breaker has already defeated Joe Gacy again in NXT Spring Breakin’but it was Gacy who kept trampling the broken bear Carrying the hero on a stretcher. Wrestling Managing Editor Nick Houseman He interviewed Joe Gacy earlier in the week to talk about his title fight.

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