January 28, 2022


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Cபர்sar Acuña Canadian Embassy: Freedom of expression is a fundamental and essential right to democracy nndc | Politics

Embassy of In Peru, freedom of expression, including in the press, is considered “a fundamental and essential human right for democracy.”

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“It’s important and important for all of us to value, promote and protect it.”, The embassy headquarters said on its corporate Twitter account.

In this way, Canadian diplomacy joined them To us Y United Kingdom, Which issued various declarations regarding freedom of expression and freedom of the press.

The announcements come after Judge Raul Jes வேs Vega of Lima’s 30th Criminal Case Court handed down a sentence against a journalist. Christopher Agosta For book publishing ‘Friday as court’ Suspended for two years.

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Caesar Aguna The journalist was accused of considering some 55 sentences from the book ‘Friday as Court’ Although the statements of third parties were recorded, citing judicial and congressional sessions and other reports, they were defamatory despite other statements not being questioned by the political leader before the book was published.

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That sentence also includes the author of the journalist’s book. Geronimo Pimentel And Collaborate with the Publishing House, Penguin Random House Christopher Agosta Civil compensation 400 thousand soles.

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The sentence has received criticism and announcements from various organizations and institutions, including the headquarters of the European Union and the United Nations in Peru.

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