May 31, 2023


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Canada defeated the Caribbean Queens 3-0

Dominican Republic’s Yonkaira Peña (16) hit a powerful spike against Canada in the second quarter of last night’s match. External source.

Shevford-Posier, City, Louisiana. Canada (1-1) beat the Dominican Republic (0-2) 3-0 (25-18, 25-15 and 25-18) in the ongoing Women’s Volleyball Nations League Series last night. Here, an event organized by the International Volleyball Federation.

The Canadians, who had entered the match unfavorably against their rivals 1-12 in the particular series, now tied the score at 2-12. They had many events that did not defeat the Caribbean.

The winners ’offensive line was led by Alexa Gray, who scored 19 points in a superb night, with Van Reyk coming out on top with 17 points.

For the Dominican Republic, Madeline Gillen was superior with 12 points, followed by Yonkaira Pena with nine points and Genres Martinez with six points.

Nivarka Marte, 7, of the Dominican Republic, tried to cross the Canadian barrier last night. External source.

Bon American champions can never be at the top of the scoreboard, and they can not break their opponents’ offensive and defensive program, they always showed great energy and defense that does not allow Dominican independence.

In the first set, the Canadian team, led by Alexa Gray and Van Ryke Keira, imposed the rhythm of the attacking game all the time, with strong spikes and strong defense and putting the Dominicans in trouble at the right time.

Creolas faced reception problems at one point in the game, which was used by their rivals to increase the score to 17-12.

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Similarly, the Canadians were able to create two rallies with three and four points in a row, which always controlled the score.

The guilt of the Dominicans is not very clear. Again, manager Marcos Quick did not start with Braille Martinez in the opening six.

In the second game, the Canadian women maintained their strong defense and a solid attack led by Alexa Gray and Van Ryke Keira, who did not show any mercy in attacking the opponent’s defense with strong spikes from all angles of the court.

The defense at the back of the Dominicans betrayed Marcos Quick’s students, who sometimes asked him not to give up too much commitment and athletes.

Third, Canada stood firm with its attack and defense, able to take a good lead that could not be destroyed by the opposition at 18-13.

RD goes against Brazil this Friday

The Dominican Republic team faces Brazilian Sextet this Friday at 6:00 pm in the League of Nations series at the Women’s Branch.

Brazil are unbeaten with two wins and two losses, while the Dominicans will have their first win of the tournament. He is 0-2.