July 23, 2024


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Canada employs Mexican mechanics with a salary of 40,000 per month;  How to apply?

Canada employs Mexican mechanics with a salary of 40,000 per month; How to apply?

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If you are looking for one Work With good pay abroad, at Heraldo Pinario, we inform you of the most recent offer for the position Heavy truck dynamics.

It is a third generation Canadian company dedicated to the exploitation of quarries for the sale of stone and the manufacture of concrete and asphalt.

The company is looking for For rent Dynamologists with at least 5 years of experience can oversee the maintenance of its fleet of about 200 vehicles to exploit the quarry and transport supplies.

The total monthly salary for the mechanics employed is 40,000 Mexican pesos and the worker does not need to speak English or French for this position.

Here is a list of requirements you must meet to apply:

The applicant should have at least a secondary or technical secondary education and they should have at least 5 years of experience. Heavy truck mechanic.

Knowledge of the applicant’s handling includes knowledge of Caterpillar, Baker & Cummins diagnostic systems, as well as ABS Pentix brake system and transmissions and differential adjustment.

Applicants need to learn, be proactive, know how to adapt to changes, be quality in their work, have the ability to analyze and resolve issues, as well as the convenience of traveling.

What functions will the recruits perform?

  1. Battery repair, repair and maintenance of the steering mechanism
  2. Completing work related reports and keeping the workplace clean and safe.
  3. Transfer, maintenance and repair of hydraulic systems, maintenance of hydraulic and pneumatic suspensions, cleaning and greasing of parts, suspension of trucks, knowledge of electricity and welding, replacement of pumps, replacement maintenance and replacement of tires.
  4. Heavy truck maintenance, oil and brake changes
  5. Maintenance of Packer and Cummins engines
  6. Detection and repair of heavy trucks
  7. Separate engines, transmissions and variants
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