July 23, 2024


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Canada: Key target for SMEs in healthy and innovative food industry |  SME

Canada: Key target for SMEs in healthy and innovative food industry | SME

Spanish exports to Canada increased by 50% after the signing of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement. In fact, this goal is important for companies in the food industry.

In 2020 alone, agricultural food and fisheries exports from Spain to Canada accounted for 0.8% of total exports. Its value has increased by 6.3% compared to 2019 and Spain is already the tenth country to supply this type of product to Canada.

Gadget Network experts explain that Canada has no culinary traditions of its own, which is why Canadian consumers are increasingly looking for imported products and healthy products related to sustainable, efficient and eco-friendly production, says Gadget partner. , Juan Milan.

Milan says consumption of good food and tasty products has increased in Canada. The main reason is gastronomic consumption and the sophistication of “Canadians increasingly appreciate quality craft products and new flavors”.

Beneficial health products

Experts reminded that there is a great trend on the Canadian market for products with “health benefits”, that is, they do not contain allergens, they are organic products, they are practical or they are unique. Areas.

“Canadians are looking for products with a great outdoor presentation, with attractive packaging, important amounts of nutritional information and transparency about the forms of use. They are looking for healthy foods and beverages, so their eating habits have shifted to healthier options,” says Milan.

The expert considers this situation to be “an additional opportunity for Spanish plant biotechnology companies”. As noted, the industry is “challenged to use technological innovations in genetic editing to promote more efficient and sustainable agriculture”, which is of interest and expansion to SMEs in the field of healthy food.

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