December 10, 2023


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Canada now condemns “space crime”, and while this may seem strange, crime in space is nothing new.

Canada now condemns “space crime”, and while this may seem strange, crime in space is nothing new.


The North American country does not want more than a loose end to its law.

A few years ago, in 2019The Pot Had to Investigation Illegal access to astronaut bank account Women have already been heroines In space, from the International Space Station, what can we call it The first charge Has been done beyond our borders. The astronaut in question is called Anne McLean Finally it was Destroyed It was then revealed that he had lied when his partner filed the charge. CanadaIn this paradigm, it wants to clarify things Crimes Confirmed on Space.

Canadian authorities are taking care of themselves through legislation to pursue space crimes

Recently, at the time of writing the article, we learned how Canadian political class A. approved Correction In the criminal law of the country Permission to investigate crimes Confirmed on நிலா. Canada wants To extend its jurisdiction Among the crimes committed by its astronauts while traveling to the International Space Station, if they were on Canadian soil. That is the reality of the country’s space agenda Space travel is on the rise And what for the year 2024 That is planned Mission with first humans Take it with you to our satellite in 50 years Canadian astronaut.

Canada will be responsible for investigating crimes beyond the Earth

The Mission Artemis2This includes Orion ship With NASA Space launch system, Attempts to re-examine our satellite in a historic flight. In the service of a Canadian citizen, The Criminal code Says:

If a Canadian member of a group commits an act or omission outside of Canada during a space flight, it would be a criminal offense in Canada to commit that act or offense in Canada.

In fact, the documentation includes more Entrance to the Lunar Space StationIt is still under construction and is scheduled to orbit the Moon and the Moon The surface of our satellite. And, that Astronauts What Threaten Whose life and safety Canadian member A team can be on a mission with the contribution of the country Persecuted By the authorities. The debate has only just begun, but we firmly believe it Many more countries will follow suit Legislate on the conduct of their citizens in Canada and beyond the Earth.

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