December 3, 2023


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Canada wants to sign Facebook and Google Media Agreement

Canada wants to sign Facebook and Google Media Agreement

Montreal, Canada /

The Canadian government on Tuesday introduced a bill to force Internet giants like Facebook and Google.Making business deals with the media to pay for the dissemination of media content.

“Thanks to this law, the giants of the Internet must be held accountable and contribute to the establishment of an equal information ecosystem.” An environmental organization that supports freedom and freedom of the press, “said Canadian Minister of Heritage Pablo Rodriguez at a news conference.

Searching for text “The media and journalists must ensure that their work is well paid.”According to the report of the Ministry.

The bill, is called “Online News Act” (Online News Act), Inspired by something adopted by Australia in 2021, The first of its kind in the world. More than 450 Canadian media outlets have been shut down since 2008. According to the ministry, including more than 60 people in the last two years alone.

Newspapers accuse the Google Group and other large sites of making a profit by not sharing the revenue generated from their content. To resolve this situation, The European Union introduced “corresponding rights” in 2019 to allow newspaper publishers to pay for content. Used by online sites.

Such agencies AFP Signs “Related Rights” Agreement with Google by the end of 2021 Two trade agreements were signed by the American company for five years.


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