December 3, 2023


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Costa Rica vs.  Canada with warranty filling

Costa Rica vs. Canada with warranty filling

The national team has not been able to get the best news on the playing field and the financial status of the Costa Rican Soccer Federation (Fedefútbol): for the first time in five years, an entire stadium will be played. This Thursday, March 24 (8:05 pm), Canada will feel the pressure that fans usually pay on the Jewel of the Savannah, a crucial match in the octagon.

Of the 31,100 tickets put up for sale, none were available as confirmed by Fedefútbol, ​​and this means unprecedented economic returns since Russia qualified for 2018 (against Honduras in October 2017). In addition, the Ministry of Health activated the sale of food during the game, which has not happened since the outbreak of the disease in the country in March 2020.

“We are going to have a packed house in the game against Canada. This Tuesday morning there were only 50 tickets left in the sun, but they assured me that they would be sold out very soon, which means we would get a whole house again. The number of tickets sold was about 31,100, but I did not have the exact amount at the box office. Of course, this is a very important amount for the federation, which will help cover not only the expenses of men’s but also the expenses of women, “said Gustavo Araya, general secretary of the federation.

Areya added: “Government officials have told us that the QR code will be in force on a voluntary basis until March 30, so it is necessary to enter, as the party was a few days ago. Also, we have food items for sale in the stadium. We are working to make everything go better, but the Ministry of Health has approved it and now we are dealing with the whole issue of permit for sale.

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Health was recognized for the first time on the World Cup track to use the full potential of the National, which helps in the fight to get a direct pass or at least a playoff to Qatar, this time there are only three fights. The panorama is complex.

As for food sales, the Secretary-General clarified that they can be eaten on the stand and are already operating according to different options and protocols.

“The Ministry of Health has told us that every person can eat where they are, that they will be on sale until they are sealed products, and that people will remove the mask and put it back on to eat,” he said. Highlighted.

Against Mexico and Jamaica, the national team scored 8.5% (3,000), against El Salvador 15% (5,000), against Honduras 25% (9,000) and against Panama 60% (21,000). ) However, not all seats available for any of these duels are sold.

Areya was urged to disclose the total amount of the collection, but he repeatedly stated that he did not have it on hand and, yes, promised to disclose it in the next few hours.

“I do not handle the amount at this time, but then I can make it easier. It’s a great relief for the fund that nothing like this has happened for a long time.

The situation was completely changed by Cele and even for the last match against the US, 19,332 tickets had already been sold. The La Tricolor will play at home against the Canadians on March 24, then travel to El Salvador on March 27 and stay close to the Americans on March 30 in La Sabana. National is currently ranked fifth, offering three direct tickets and one more for the playoffs with Oceania.

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