January 28, 2022


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Diego Saul Raina | Viral Mexican masquerade as a luxury home bought in Canada | Trends | Photos | Nnda nnrt | செக்கா

A man from Mexico who currently resides in Canada has changed Show off a recently purchased luxury home. Diego Sal Raina, who works as a mason in the North American country, showed the different contexts of his new home through his YouTube account, where he has amassed less than 2 million subscribers.

In the clip released by his channel ‘Diego Saul Raina Espanol’, you can see that the residence is located in a special area next to the lake. In his tour, he shows that the building has three floors and a lot of space for the kitchen, dining room, main room, office and play room.

In addition to the above, the house has four bedrooms, a laundry room, two penthouses, a solarium, three car garages and a gym. In addition, it has a large basement, which resembles an apartment because it has its own kitchen, bathroom and laundry room.

YouTube also announced the wholesale price of the house 740 thousand Canadian dollars, That is, slightly more than 578 thousand US dollars, and received it with 40% advance. On the other hand, he said that although he has to pay a monthly mortgage, he can, if he wishes, pay in advance without paying a penalty. According to him, he plans to pay for his house in a maximum of 5 years.

Who is the Mexican mason Diego Sal Raina who bought a house in an exclusive part of Canada?

Diego Sol Raina He was 17 when he moved to Canada in search of better opportunities.

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Over time, he was able to work and progress as a mason and settle in the province of Alberta, where he lives with his wife Katrina and their two children.

Through his YouTube channel, he tells the details of coming to Canada, his daily life, and the challenges he faced as an immigrant in the North.