How much would they compromise? Osoyoos parents respond

Osoyoos parents appear to be committed to compromise if that’s what it will take to keep Osoyoos Secondary School open.

Brenda Dorosz, an Osoyoos parent who has worked tirelessly over the past month looking for options to keep the school open, is asking Osoyoos parents what would they would be prepared to do to keep the school open.

Her request, she says, comes after a conversation with several SD53 trustees.

The responses provided in the Facebook Save Osoyoos Secondary/Elementary Schools group page indicate a four-day school week, blended classes and other measures are acceptable to local parents.

Both seem great to me, if it means we keep our schools,” write Bianca Rosin.

My daughter is only going into kindergarten but I’d prefer the 4 day week,” wrote Chantel Greenwood. “I went to a school that had lots of combined classes and it never seemed to be an issue. I want my kids to grow and graduate here, not Oliver.”

Yes and yes — what ever it takes to save or school,” wrote Vera Dhillon.

Some concern, however, was expressed about blended classes, especially blending classes that required provincial exams.

“I agree with the four day school week, but I don’t necessarily agree with blending classes, wrote Lauren Oshaski.

“Provincially examable courses have particular material and prep that goes into writing those exams that may not get delivered the way it should when you have two different grades together.”

Others, including Chad Jensen, said administrative cuts make more sense.

Start with the school board. There needs to be an audit done immediately. I am sure they can do plenty of blending within their office as well,” he wrote. “Blending top to bottom. Don’t just let the kids take the hit.”

“Sounds like both options are cutting into education of our children,” wrote Sandra Summers. “Need to go back to the top and find the $$ outside of the classroom. (I) still think amalgamation of school boards is a start.”




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