Local Mounties go pink to speak out on bullying

Two local Mounties will be wearing shirts of a different colour next Wednesday as they visit area schools to talk about bullying.

Penticton RCMP’s Corporal Jas Johal and Corporal Don Wrigglesworth will be wearing pink shirts when they talk to students about the power of speaking out against bullying.

They’ll be joining Mounties across the province will be wearing pink shirts as the national police force participates in National Pink Shirt Day, held to raise awareness against bullying.

“It doesn’t matter if the bullying takes place in person, at work or school, online or in the community,” said Cpl Wrigglesworth. “it is still bullying and as a Province and community we should not tolerate it.

“The RCMP, British Columbia’s Provincial Police Force, supports all of their local communities and stands with them to fight against this negative behaviour.”

Bullying can be any unwelcomed or aggressive behaviour that often makes a person uncomfortable, hurt or scared. It often has long-term effects either physically, socially or psychologically, not only on the victim but for the bystanders who witness it.

“Raising awareness on the issues and standing together in pink with our communities, allows us to take a collective stance and show there is no tolerance for this behaviour”, says Deputy Commissioner Craig Callens, Commanding Officer of the BC RCMP.

The RCMP also reminds parents to speak to their children about bullying to ensure they aren’t silent victims.


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