Rise and Shine, Osoyoos — It’s Monday, February 22

Good morning, Osoyoos. It’s Monday, February 22. Here’s what’s going on in your world.

  • It’s -1 this morning, with the slight breeze feeling like -2. We’ll get up to 6 this afternoon under mainly sunny skies.
  • Osoyoos Marketplace is back. Look for the menu item at the top of each Osoyoos Daily News page and navigate to where Osoyoos Gets Together to Bargain. You’ll find free online classifieds, event listings, employment opportunities and rental accommodations. Also, check out this week’s flyers from local businesses. Coming soon: our one-stop local business directory.
  • In case you missed it: Osoyoos Coyotes wrapped up the regular season with a 2-1 win over the Chiefs in Kelowna last night. The post-season begins tomorrow, with the Coyotes at home against the North Okanagan Knights.
  • The court case that everyone has forgotten about: closing arguments begin today in the Mike Duffy fraud trial.
  • It’s avalanche season. That means another weekend of destruction and tragedy.
  • Alberta is going hat-in-hand to the feds, looking for help from Ottawa as it deals with a collapse of its energy sector. The bailout request comes as the federal government ponders a bailout of Quebec-based Bombardier as well.
  • Fuji is cleaning up after a ferocious cyclone slammed into the South Pacific island last weekend. So far, 18 people are known to be dead.
  • Apparently, the Russians have a plan to nuke encroaching asteroids, meteors and other Earth-threatening space debris. Does anyone else have that queasy feeling this is going to end badly?
  • “Hamlin by an inch.” Well, that’s something you don’t expect to see at the end of a 500-mile NASCAR race. We’ve got the video here — and it’s as good as it sounds.
  • And a little more video: here’s something you don’t see everyday: a firenado.


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