Rise and Shine, Osoyoos — It’s Tuesday, February 16

Good morning, Osoyoos, it’s Tuesday, February 16. Here’s what you need to know as you start your day.

  • We’re looking at a chance of rain this morning and some sun this afternoon with a high of 8. More rain — and perhaps even snow — this evening. Did you enjoy the high of 9 we hit yesterday?
  • Osoyoos Town Council will seek a meeting with Education Minister Mike Bernier in its continuing efforts to keep both of the town’s schools open in the face of threats of closure by the school district.
  • One way to keep those schools open is to have more children in the community. A report delivered to Council yesterday might be a solution. The report says the South Okanagan needs more immigrants in its workforce — immigrants with families, perhaps?
  • Speaking of public education and families, School District 72, based out of Campbell River, has delivered a letter to the province complaining about the “constant downloading of education costs” that will leave the district having to find $1 million to balance its budget. Sound familiar?
  • Taylor Swift won another Grammy last night, but Canadians did just fine as well, scoring six of the coveted music awards.
  • A U.S. presidential candidate appears to be having a little trouble with geography — Marco Rubio’s “It’s morning again in America” commercial features shots of Vancouver. Or could it be Mr. Rubio knows something we don’t?
  • France says it is planning to roll out 1,000 km of solar-paneled highway. When completed, the Wattway will power more than one million homes.
  • From our nice work if you can get it department: For six years, a building supervisor in Spain quietly collected a $41,500 salary from his local government without showing up for work. And he would have gotten away with it, too, if it wasn’t for him getting an award for his 20 years of loyal service.

Have a great day, Osoyoos.


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