January 28, 2022


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General Eduardo León Trauwitz will continue to be imprisoned in Canada for “high risk of flight”

Canadian authorities begin deportation process (Photo: Special)

By Report The Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) Canada They began the process of handing over the General Eduardo Leon Davitz Y They refused the release request Provided security because it was assumed to exist “Plane high risk”.

“The Supreme Court of the State of British Columbia Visitors today, located in Vancouver, Canada, Eduardo “L”‘s request for release was rejected, Within it Handover Inquiry. The man sought through his lawyers to gain the freedom to pursue his case in that country, ”the statement said.

According to information provided by the FGR, the court determined it His alleged participation In Crimes are considered serious And patriarchal damage to the Mexican state Deserves to be in jail, Due to the “high risk of flight” that may occur in your case.

Similarly, the FGR thanked Canadian officials, saying “the Canadian government’s support for Mexico is an example of international solidarity against crime and impunity.”

FGR accuses Leon Dravidis of creating Huchicol's criminal gang (photo: Twitter @ diazdeleon26)
FGR accuses Leon Dravidis of creating Huchicol’s criminal gang (photo: Twitter @ diazdeleon26)

Eduardo Lein Trauwitz, cSecurity Officer at Pemex During administration Enrique Pena Nieto, Was arrested last Friday, December 17, in British Columbia at the request of the FGR. Fuel theft And to make snacks huachicoleros protection.

According to information provided by the prosecution, General Created a criminal organization Extract fuel and protect the perpetrators of hydrocarbon theft: “He and an accomplice are said to have already been prosecuted. Closed and protected huachicol in Pemex’s distribution networks”, FGR promised.

The Request for surrender Presented to the Government of Canada by Mexican authorities 2019, The year in which the judicial proceedings against the General were initiated and The other three armies Who was a collaborator on the Huawei Chicago network when they had a deal with Pemex.

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Leon Trauwitz is isolated for being Near Enrique Pena Nieto, He was a supporter of the former president during his six-year tenure Governor of the State of Mexico, 2005 to 2011. Later, when the Mexican was already president, he created Deputy Directorate of Strategic Security for Pemex, Which will be responsible for ensuring the safety of the assets of the State Oil Company.

General was Pemex's EPN escort and security officer (REUTERS / Daniel Becerril / File Photo)
General was Pemex’s EPN escort and security officer (REUTERS / Daniel Becerril / File Photo)

General He resigned from his post on September 13, 2018, A few months before the administration of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador came to power, the date he left the country Take refuge in Panama.

Officers Secretary of National Defense (Sedena) They commanded him on different occasions The country must return to face the charges The Army soldier rejected the demands made against him.

Also, The Financial Intelligence Division (UIF) Bank accounts frozen Eduardo León Trauwitz and his partner Gabriel Pacelli Iturbe Muñoz co-founded a company to distribute cleaning products.

For his part, AMLO advanced January 2019 His government agencies have already launched an investigation against Leon Dravidz: “There is (an investigation) about the General, but nothing is known. Now it is known because it is mentioned Matters related to the safety of PemexSaid the President.

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