December 2, 2023


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Green Bay Packers sign CB Kessian Nixon

Green Bay Packers sign CB Kessian Nixon

on Friday, Doug Cade from Pro Football Focus reports That the Green Bay Packers would sign Casey Nixon in the back corner. The Las Vegas Raiders Have A Chance To Bid For Nixon, Then A Restricted Free Agent, But It Doesn’t Fit Chose not to do in Marchmaking Nixon an unrestricted free agent.

Nixon is more of a special teams player than a real corner player, 692 special teams played settles More than three years with the Raiders to only 273 defensive shots. He scored two primary goals in defense for the team, but saw 155 shots in 2020, which is just 15 percent of Las Vegas’ total defensive shots.

When playing on the defensive side of the ball, Nixon was essentially an outside back of the ball, which is somewhat surprising for a defensive back. Included in just a hair over 5’10 inches – flat. Nixon didn’t experience as an elite athlete overall during the pre-draft process in 2019, but he did a 4.42-second 40-yard dash that seemed to translate well into the third stage of football.

On the specials, Nixon played cover kickback, was a kickback back on the kickback, was a gunner on the punt and was a deputy fielder on kick back. These roles were usually played by players such as Isaac Yadom, Equanimos St. Brown and Malek Taylor. With Yiadom (Houston) and St. Brown (Chicago) signed elsewhere off the season, it makes sense that special teams coordinator Rich Bisachia, via Las Vegas, would bring in one of his “buddies” to fill the role.

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This movement might help in the numbers game on a wide receiver, in a devious way. By making Taylor more consumable, he could unlock a real reception spot on the team. Allen Lazard, Randall Cope, and Amary Rodgers are the default menu locks as they are today, making the numbers game difficult for players if they want to add a veteran player. And the Double dip with multiple receiver selections in draft. Keep in mind that Lazard and Cobb are on contractual seasons, which should be important to the team’s multi-year plan.

Taylor played 313 Green Bay specials in his two years with the Packers, but only scored 32 offensive shots for the team in 2021. 15 came in the first week of trash time against New Orleans and another five against the Arizona Cardinals when the Green Bay’s top three receivers couldn’t from playing.

Nixon was placed in the injured reserve for the Raiders during the final cuts to the roster due to a leg injury, but was activated in October when he immediately took charge of the specials.