March 23, 2023


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How ‘Big Brother Canada’ Triple Evictions Work


Instagram host Ariza Cox, “Big Brother Canada”.

American “Big Brother” viewers have become accustomed to the double exit, which first appeared on “Big Brother 5”.

The concept of a double exit is simple: two guests are expelled instead of one. As in “Big Brother 5”, two guests can come in the same week or two guests on the same day, which has become the norm in modern seasons of “Big Brother”. For example, during the double exit of “Big Brother 23”, both Claire Rehfus and Alyssa Lopez were sent to the jury.

The only three releases in American “Big Brother” history occurred during “Big Brother 22”. However, the Canadian version of the triple works a little differently.

How does the Canadian Three Exodus work? And how do fans feel about this?

How the three-time outings work in ‘Big Brother Canada’

Things start with a double discharge. The first exit of the night takes place as usual with guests voting to send one of the two nominees out. All players other than the previous head of the family compete for the next HOH.

Once the HOH is crowned, three candidates are selected instead of the usual two. Then the veto contest is held. HOH did not qualify to play in the veto until the final 5, from “Big Brother Canada 7”. This is different from the US veto rules and makes the HOH somewhat complicated in removing their intended target.

As usual, whoever wins the veto can use it to save a nominee or keep nominations equal. If the veto is applied on the guest, an alternative candidate must be selected.

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But this is where things get really crazy. Once the final three candidates are locked out, guests vote on who they want to save. Two players who received the lowest savings votes were eliminated.

Do fans like the three-time exit?

Although “Big Brother” fans like to expect the unexpected, they are not always happy with the big twists that prevent guests from effectively strategizing. Getting three players out of the house in one night is enough to whip the spectators.

In a Reddit threat titled “Really, is there anyone who * really * really likes Triple *,” Big Brother “fans weighed in on the turn.

One Reddit user commented: “I wish I had triple IDEA if I did it differently.” They explained that they would prefer this to be three normal consecutive discharges, rather than a situation where two of the three HOH nominees are sent home at the same time. “There is now and the delay of this game, I do not like it very much,” they continued.

“If you’re going to pick up the 3-pointer, do it before the game. At this point, these guests should be voting as urgently as they have been playing hard ball for 2 months. It’s obviously good TV because it’s interesting to watch, but it’s addictive for gamers / huge fans.” That was commented by another user.

There was some speculation that another three outings would take place in “Big Brother 23”, but the American show seems to be retreating from this twist at least for now.

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