June 10, 2023


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In Canada, the company allows employees to bring their own pets

The Tungsten Joint Venture in Canada allows their employees to work for their tenderloin company.

Daisy, Delilah, Evie and Hudson are just a few Puppies roaming the offices While the owners of this Canadian design company are on the job.

Of all the tenderloins, however, Daisy stands alone, and he oversees the well-being. Tungsten compound. This 12-year-old Labrador sniffs around the workplace looking for something to eat or play; Is now considered an integral part of the companyOn his website he poses for a photo with team members and even has a short biography.

Tungsten Joint Staff with their Tenderloins / AFP Agency

This innovative and adorable idea was pioneered by Dave, the vice president of design He suggested a long walk with Daisy to relieve work stress Workers may be confronted at times.

Tungsten co-chairman Bill Dickey said they would encourage all of their employees to come PetsFor this purpose Create a strong bond with tenderloins.

The 47-year-old lamented, “You develop a relationship with your pet at home, suddenly you go to work, they have to be caged all day or wander home alone,” he lamented. Animal ..

In addition, he considers International spread The presence of pets at work has made companies more tolerant.

Bowls are lined up in the kitchen and on the floor of the tungsten coop to give the dogs a drink during the day. These will last Sometimes you can sleep on the base of chairs, chew on toys or run Towards a hopping ball in the hallway.

Addition of tungsten partnership to Humane Society’s list of dog-friendly businesses Led to an increase in both business activity and productivity Of staff.

According to a recent Léger poll for PetSafe, half of Canadians (51 percent) support the idea of ​​bringing their dog to the office.

During working hours with Tenderloy its owner / AFP agency
During working hours with Tenderloy its owner / AFP agency

The scheme is especially appreciated by young people, as 18 percent of employees between the ages of 18 and 24 say they will change jobs if their employer rejects this option.

In a joint venture with Santosh Bird Construction, more OttawaDesigners of the Nuclear Research Laboratory They are shaken by the presence of SamsonA 10 year old yellow Yorkshire Terrier.

His owner, Trevor Watt, did not want to leave him alone in his new home when he returned to the office in January. Wearing it should be a temporary solution, but not just for Tenderloy’s office life, He defeated his master’s comradesHe now shares the rides with Samson.


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