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Members of Scott Rudin’s Broadway productions released by Non-Disclosure Union – The Hollywood Reporter

Members of Scott Rudin’s Broadway productions released by Non-Disclosure Union – The Hollywood Reporter

Multiple members Broadway Including production To kill a mockingbird And West side story They are exempt from non-disclosure agreements that previously prohibited them from speaking out about product-related workplace misconduct. Scott Rudin.

Other products affected include Snowman comes And Lyman trilogywith the issuance of the NDA effective immediately, The Hollywood Reporter Thursday confirmed with the Representative Rights Association.

While four shows have been announced as part of the release guaranteed by the guild, other shows could be affected, an actor’s rights spokesperson said THR Members of other shows produced by Rudin can reach out for assistance with a release if they also sign nondisclosure agreements.

The National Federation, which represents more than 50,000 professional actors and stage directors working directly Stagealready call For those who work on shows produced by Rudin to be freed from their non-disclosure agreements.

The union also filed two complaints of unfair labor practice grievances against Rudin, and later expanded to include The Broadway League, the trade association of producers and theater owners, after Rudin’s resignation.

Equity President Kate Schindel and CEO Mary McCaul said in a joint statement after Rodin announced he was stepping down as producer in the wake of THR The story was published last year.

“We salute the courage of those who came forward,” the statement continued. “We hope that Scott Rudin will also release his employees from any non-disclosure agreements they may have signed as a condition of employment.”

in THR Achievement April 2021 He provided multiple, detailed accounts from Rudin’s assistants and former employees, who made numerous allegations of misconduct and abuse—including having items thrown at them—while working for the producer. After the report, Rudin retracted several projects in the theater, including his role with The Broadway League, as well as stage shows such as music man And Moulin Rouge!

at Follow the story of June 23Additional details have emerged about Rudin’s abusive behavior in the workplace, including an allegation that actress Frances McDormand and director Joel Coen witnessed Rudin scolding an aide before she resigned. (The duo later denied seeing misconduct, with we say queen Limit That “everyone who says we saw it is not honest.”)

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Along with the news that members of former Rudin-produced shows will be released from their non-disclosure agreements, the announcement also came that the Broadway League agreed to stop using non-disclosure language in contracts or riders outside the protection of intellectual property, financial information, or in other From limited restrictions, approved from now on.

This means that producer members of the association will no longer be able to use non-disclosure agreements to limit what actors and stage directors can say — who, among other things, may want to speak out against workplace harassment, bullying or discrimination — according to Equity. . The union also shared its intention to bring “similar precautionary language forward in negotiations with their other bargaining partners to support the creation of a new industry standard.”