December 10, 2023


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NATO Secretary General says Ukraine 'can win' with more global aid

NATO Secretary General says Ukraine ‘can win’ with more global aid

  • The NATO Secretary General said he believed that international assistance could help Ukraine win the war.
  • But experts say tough sanctions on Russian oil and gas will help “suffocate” Russia.
  • This comes at a price for EU countries, which can turn their people against Ukraine.

The NATO Secretary General said Russia’s setbacks suggest that Ukraine can win the war, but not without additional international assistance.

“The Russian war in Ukraine will not go as planned by Moscow,” Jens Stoltenberg said via video link during a NATO meeting in Berlin on Sunday. News agency. “They failed to take Kyiv. They are withdrawing from the vicinity of Kharkiv. Their main offensive in the Donbass has stopped. Russia is not achieving its strategic goals.”

“Ukraine can win this war,” he said.

However, some experts say they are skeptical about whether there will be a clear winner in the war, and are unsure how long international support for Ukraine will last.

Robert English, associate professor of international relations at the University of Southern California, told Insider late last month that if the West continues to help Ukraine — whether through financial means or through tougher sanctions — he expects support to eventually decline due to pressure. Economic. As the war continues.

According to the English, if the West “really wants to strangle Russia” and “really wants to cut off the money financing this war” they should stop buying oil and gas from the state – an effort that has so far been minimal.

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The G7 nations, which include Germany, which is heavily dependent on Russian energy, recently pledged Phasing out or banning Russian oil imports.

These measures are likely to make living conditions difficult, even if temporary, in Western European countries that now need to find other sources of energy.

“Even if Germany, Austria, Italy and a few other countries go into the deep sea


This, in turn, will lead to a wider recession across the European Union. “The Englishman said.” What is remarkable for me is that the Europeans and the West have the strength to stop the Russian war, but they cannot do it because it will hurt them too much.”

The cost to Europeans could lead them to regret their support of Ukraine, which could hamper political support from their governments.

“It’s not that a German leader or an Italian leader doesn’t think his people can withstand six months of rationing or deprivation. They’re just afraid they voted out in the meantime,” English said.

William Roger, PresidentHe endorsed from the American Institute for Economic Research, told Insider that it would be smart for both countries to negotiate an end to the war, ultimately expecting one of two outcomes.

“One is that both sides think they would be better off negotiating at the table and finding a way forward in this way rather than continuing to fight. But as long as one party believes it has an advantage in remaining in the fight, and the benefits are expected to outweigh the costs, then We will continue to see a struggle,” Roger said.

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