December 2, 2023


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Ordinary Joe Cancelled

‘Ordinary Joe’ has been canceled on NBC – No Season 2

There will be no more “what if…?” scenarios normal atmosphere: NBC canceled the drama starring James Wolk after only one seasonSister site Delivery time reports.

With a total average of 3.3 million viewers and a 0.5 beta rating (in Live + 7 numbers), it ranked last in both metrics among the 10 dramas aired on NBC this television season.

The series explores the three parallel lives of the show’s main character, Joe (Walk), after he makes a pivotal choice at a crossroads in his life. In one timeline, Joe met Amy (Natalie Martinez) after they graduated from college and they got married after he became a rock star. In another reality, Joe and his best friend Jenny (Elizabeth Lyell) were husband and wife, and worked as a nurse to support their son’s medical needs. In the third part “What if?” Joe becomes a cop and reconnects with Amy as an adult.

In the January 24 finale, which now doubles as the series’ finale, all three find themselves at a romantic crossroads. After assembling his car and nearly dying, Music Joe got into a rehab center, but he didn’t stay there for long. At the end of the end, he came to Jenny’s door and told her that he wanted to live… with her. Meanwhile, Cop Joe impulsively proposed to Amy after she announced that she would be moving to Miami to run her mother’s campaign, and surprised nurse Joe Jenny in Atlanta, asking her to renew her pledge. Little did he know that Barrett also made a big offer to Jenny: to stay in Atlanta and start a company with him.

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at Question and answer after deathco-model Russell Friend told TVLine that Music Joe “really hit rock bottom” and that he “wasn’t in a very good place” when he went to Jenny.

“He thinks, at that moment, that this is the right thing, and perhaps Jenny is the solution to all his problems and this panacea, [like]A friend said, “If I had chosen her, everything would have been better.” “Our view is that he is genuine, excited and honest about that choice, and he thinks he loves Jenny, and he should have done it. But is he really in the right frame of mind to make these big life decisions is the bigger question. We love the cliffhanger side of that, and where can That goes that?”

Meanwhile, Amy and Cobb Joe had their own romantic dilemma after his impromptu proposal. “Maybe they’re moving to Miami? Maybe they’ve got a long-distance thing?” a friend assumed, adding that he hoped the cliffhanger would “motivate the audience to want to see more.”

The friend was also hoping that the show would be Performance streaming on Peacock and Hulu That would help her secure a second season.

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