December 2, 2023


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Pirelli reveals tires for Azerbaijan, Canada and Great Britain

Pirelli reveals tires for Azerbaijan, Canada and Great Britain

They bring a range of soft options to Baku and Montreal

Harder tires are reserved for Silverstone

Pirelli has announced the tires that will run for the next three rounds of the season. In Azerbaijan and Canada they have chosen the soft option in the range, in Silverstone it will be the opposite, and they will bet on the harder option.

Counting from the Monaco Grand Prix, Byrelli revealed this Thursday that this will be the mix that teams will get for the next three meetings on the calendar. These circuits are included in rivers that have already tested new 18-inch tires.

The Italian manufacturer will bring to Azerbaijan this weekend the same selection of compounds in Monaco: C3 –hard–, C4 –medium– and C5 –soft–. While this was a route that caused controversy for Pirelli last year, it is a great way to get around the street like Baku.

Max Verstappen Y Lance Walk They crashed while finishing straight as a result of a hard tire exploding. However, the Italians concluded that the problem was not caused by wear and tear but by poor team training.

The next stop is Canada, which has not visited Formula 1 since 2019 due to infection. However, Pirelli has chosen the same tires again, and they will go to Azerbaijan: C3, C4 and C5. In that version, the higher temperature caused the soft tire to deform more, but the deformation was less than expected on the medium rubber.

Finally, at Silverstone it would be the opposite. Pirelli carries the toughest option in its range: C1 –hard–, C2 –medium– and C3 –soft–. The same option was chosen by Pirelli last year because the British route is always in high demand for tires.

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It should be noted that Great Britain hosted one of the sprint qualifiers of the season. This year it will not be like that, so the distribution of compounds will be different from the last version.




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