February 9, 2023


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Pumas 7s, champions in Canada

After winning a bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympics, Santiago Gomez Cora set another record with the Argentine rugby team: with version seven of the Poomas, he was declared the champion of the Sevens World Series. In the final, the team defeated two-time Olympic champion Fiji 29-10.

Holders entered Schultz in German, Master Philip, Rodrigo Iscro, Lautaro Bazan Velez, Mark Monetta, Santiago Vera Felt Y Tobias Wade.

According to La Nacional, Puma’s start was not good. But the Argentine team reacted, leaving Monetta all to support his effort (Wade changed), and advanced to 7-5. At the end of the first half, Vera Felt was left open and allowed to go alone to the trio. From that immediate exit, Del Mestre took the lead and Monetta sealed the first half 17-5.

The start of the second half for the Poomas team, which had a low player with a yellow card for hunting, did not go well. A ScrumThe attack ended Jerry Duai 17-10 in the try.

But as it happened in the first half, the selected team came back: Monetta collected records and got the support of Del Mestre, he reached the try and brought the difference to 24-10 by his own change. Total relief eventually came with a new attempt again by Del Mestre to seal the deal 29-10.

In all six stages of the Sevens World Tour season, the Puma have always been in the top eight. They won three bronzes, on one occasion, at the Malaga Sevens in February, a step away from gold, but lost in the final against South Africa.

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Fiji, who won gold in Singapore, beat Samoa 45-5 to reach the final.

The next round of the World Rugby Seven Series will take place from May 20-22 in Toulouse, France.