December 11, 2023


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Represents Toronto Canada under Michelin’s guidance

Represents Toronto Canada under Michelin’s guidance

MICHELIN Guide and Destination Toronto Announces Offering a Choice from Toronto, the first Canadian location in the MICHELIN Guide.

A new chapter opens in Toronto, where you can taste the cosmopolitan influences and experience incomparable gastronomic experiences. The best chefs in this city were strengthened and the emerging talents also developed their unique culinary art, thanks to local products, typical of Ontario.

The first choice of MICHELIN Guide Toronto, which will be released next fall, will feature the best restaurants in Canadian city. As with other options in the guide, researchers may specify the Michelin star type (one, two or three). The Bib Gourmand distinction for restaurants serving quality food at affordable prices; Or MICHELIN Green Star, for companies focusing on the most consistent and positive gastronomy.

Eager to preserve their anonymity and offer a comprehensive and independent selection in the fall, MICHELIN guided researchers have already begun their visits to the region and will continue in the coming months. As usual, the inspectors carry out their work under strict anonymity and personally pay their bills to ensure that they are treated the same as other clients.

Represents Toronto Canada under Michelin’s guidance

“For the first time in its history, MICHELIN Guide operates in Canada, and our researchers are delighted to learn about Toronto’s amazing culinary landscape,” says Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of MICHELIN Guides. “This choice in Canada’s largest city, first and foremost in this country, reflects its local flavors, international influences and unique creativity, making Toronto’s food scene a special one for travelers from all over the world.”

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“Toronto’s culinary scene is as diverse as the city. The future release of MICHELIN’s guide will allow us to celebrate our gastronomic heritage,” said Scott Beck, President and CEO of Destination Toronto. We are very proud to present MICHELIN Guide to Canada for the first time with Destination Ontario and our partners in Destination Canada.

MICHELIN Guide, in constant evolution, follows the world’s culinary destinations and works with various tourism companies from time to time. For this exam, MICHELIN Guide has partnered with Destination Toronto, Destination Ontario and Destination Canada. The MICHELIN wizard selection process is completely independent. Every expansion project for a new location is inspired by the talent of local chefs, thanks to their dedication and talent.

Therefore, the selection of the MICHELIN Toronto guide will follow the historical method of the guide and ensure equal criteria in the choices from all, in order to evaluate the quality of restaurants’ food quality based on five global criteria. All over the world..

New Restaurant Choices will select Toronto’s exceptional hotels established by MICHELIN Guide Hotel Experts Tablet Hotels.

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Thus, MICHELIN Guide and Destination Toronto announces that it offers a selection from Toronto, the first Canadian location in the MICHELIN Guide.

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