June 25, 2022


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Russian officials said the move was prompted by the worsening of the epidemic situation in both countries, with cases being confirmed in different Western countries. A Colorado prison inmate is also a first-person To test positive (H7N2) The latest eruption killed millions of chickens and turkeys.

“Rosseljoznadzor imposes temporary limits on live bird and poultry production in Utah (USA) and the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Manitoba from May 16, 2022.”The company said in a statement on its website.

Reference image. (Photo: Omar Haj Kadur / AFP)

“The United States has been experiencing the worst outbreak of the disease in the last seven years. More than 20 million chickens and turkeys have been slaughtered on commercial farms due to the virus. By 2022, the country has officially confirmed 186 outbreaks of bird flu on farms in 21 states.Rosselkhoznadzor noted.

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According to the Russian Phytosanitary Service, a new eruption was discovered in Utah, where more than 1 million birds were slaughtered, Efe reports.

“The situation with the flu in Canada is also tense. In the first four and a half months of 2022, 55 outbreaks of the deadly disease have been detected.The company points out that, in the North American country, 1.1 million birds would have been slaughtered.

The measure bans the import of live birds, fertilized eggs, poultry, meat products (other than treatments that guarantee the eradication of the bird flu virus), and fodder and additives for bird feed.

In addition, the import of cages and other equipment used in agriculture is prohibited. The veto includes not only the importation of live birds, but also their transportation through Russian territory.

The bird flu virus can affect many types of poultry such as chickens, turkeys, quails or guinea fowl for consumption, but can also affect wild birds, some types of mammals and humans.

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