December 3, 2023


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Sacyr plans to set up a center for children with special needs in Canada

Sacyr plans to set up a center for children with special needs in Canada

Madrid (EP). Sacyr has been selected as the final competitor with the Canadian company to build social infrastructure for children with special needs in Canada.It has already received over மில்லியன் 40 million in funding.

The Spanish construction company has partnered with Amigo Design Built, which will share 50% of the project and Stonebridge Finance.Participates as a financial advisor to the consortium, as stated in the Pre-Classification Act.

In the absence of a final judgment, The Spanish company thus imposed itself on two proposals made by Canadian companies that presented themselves separately. Pomerleau, on the one hand, has its core projects based in the country, on the other hand EllisDon, with international reserves and annual contracts worth 3, 3,250 million.


Have announced funding for the time being Foundation for Promoting the State of Ontario ($ 31 million), Government of Canada ($ 17.5 million) and the Grandview Children ProjectNot to mention the value of the deal, he started in 2018 to raise a total of $ 62 million (மில்லியன் 40 million) in total funds (13.5 million).

These facilities will have a center for children with special needs It will provide rehabilitation services, medical, medical, educational and research related activities.

The parking lot occupies five hectares and is donated by Ajax, one of Toronto’s metropolitan cities. The project schedule predicts that construction of the new building will begin in the spring of 2022, with the goal of completing work in the spring of 2024.