February 9, 2023


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The body of a missing Ecuadorian student has been recovered in Canada

The search for a young man from Ecuador has come to an end Pablo Andres Aguirre JacomeWho was studying in Montreal (Canada) He disappeared On January 30, 2022.

Since then, his family has been All that is possible Look for clues as to where he is, but then 50 days search They failed.

Finally, The media Canadians release death message: Student Found lifeless On March 28, in the wooded area of ​​the city of Laval Suburb of Montreal.

According to the report, the 23-year-old Ecuador I will not be a victim Some kind of crime.

Marina JakomThe victim’s mother spoke on the night of March 31 to announce their presence on social media Found his son.

“It simply came to our notice then The result of the search By Pablo Andres Aguirre Jacome. Thanks to all of his mother and family Community for help And we ask for respect for privacy in these moments of effort given in his quest and at the same time deep pain that the family experiences. Pablo Andres is now D.C.Rested in the presence of the Lord “ Read the post shared on Facebook.

Canadian Police yet No details were given About the death of a young man who was studying audio and video post production at the Trebos Institute.

Last mom Paul Aguirre I learned about her son on Sunday, January 30, 2022. They talked that day He agreed to chat again at 11:00 and 1:00 p.m.But this is not possible as the 22-year-old did not answer the phone.

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That day the woman thought of her The son was tired And fell asleep. The next day and three days later he insisted, but he had no answer.

In that week the woman said His son went missing, He was at home taking classes online and never left home. His colleagues in the department said the young man Not found in the kitchen Thursday 27 to 30 Sunday, when he contacted his mother.

For this reason, his mother considered him his son from Thursday I was not eatingThis made her suspicious a Potential collapse Because that week was hot 30 degrees below zero, So he was locked up.

The day he disappeared, Aguirre Left the apartment The mother said she also left the keys to the homeowner. He had told her that imprisonment was tiring and that he wanted to Breathe a little. But he did not return.