December 3, 2023


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The plane was last stopped in Canada with Mexicans rescued from Ukraine

The Plane Mexican Air Force It carries Mexicans and foreigners Ukraine Created the final technical stop for refueling at the Trenton military base in Canada.

According to the Boeing 737-800 flight schedule, this will be the third stop of the other two stops. He stopped first Shannon, IrelandAnd in a second Gander, Canada, Also refuel and review the technical features of the aircraft.

The flight was delayed by two hours due to heavy fog at Bucharest International Airport.

Unlike the outdoor flight, in which various media traveled, including MillenniumAt none of these three stops were passengers allowed to disembark at any time.

As soon as I refueled at Trenton, I assumed I had landed Mexico City International Airport (AICM), About 05:00 p.m.

Many passengers of the humanitarian plane did not come to the meeting

Some passengers, including Mexicans and foreigners, were scheduled to help escape on a humanitarian aid plane sent to Mexico. Conflict in Ukraine vRomania They did not come for the appointment.

“A total of 21 people (foreigners were scheduled to fly to Mexico), but I do not know how many boarded this time. Like some Latinos, some Mexicans did not board the plane and did not arrive on time,” he explained. Ambassador of Ukraine to Mexico, Olga GarciaA few minutes before the plane took off, in which, finally, he did not travel.

At the same time, the Mexican ambassador to Romania, from the plane he boarded only to finalize logistics details, William ArtericaHe stressed that the final number of evictees could vary up to the last minute.

“I do not want to give the final number, because it is still subject to change at this time. Mexico’s representative explained to Bucharest.

So far no further explanation has been given as to the circumstances under which all the contemporaries, given the number of more than a hundred expelled from the official list, have not been appointed.

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The plane was carrying 44 Mexicans and their families, nine foreigners and confirmed personnel, including 28 Ukrainians, couples and children. Ministry of External Affairs (SRE) Guides the so-called “rescue mission”.

Seven people from Ecuador, one from Peru and one from Australia boarded a Boeing 737-800, and they asked the Mexican government to help them leave the area.