March 31, 2023


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Today Tamoulipas – Sports in Mexico Ivn Bautista is training divers for the youth going to the World Cup in Canada.

Prepares national coach to discipline new generation looking for place in senior team; They want to achieve the best international exhibition

Mexico City. – The young divers, working under coach Evan Batista, are looking for a place in the senior team, heading to the twenty-fourth edition of the World Championships in Montreal, Canada. This year; Shares the National Commission for Physical Culture and Sports (CONADE), which shows the high level of its athletes.

Realizing Jalisco’s last national diving championship in Guadalajara gave him good feelings, because of this exhibition, delegates for the CONADE 2022 National Games came out and saw a high level in the youth field.

For this event, a selection is made two months in advance so that the selected winners of their place will reach the world event at the best level.“, He added.

Version 24 World Diving Championship in MontrealCanada, scheduled for November 27 to December 4 this year.

Batista Vargas commented that young contestants, such as Kenny Jamudio and Gale Jimenez from Pan-Americans Jalisco, are of world-class quality and have demonstrated this in many of the competitions in which they have participated with the stage finish. Medal winners in the category.

Jimenez, the Arizona 2021 Pan American medalist and Jamudio, the same year’s junior world champion, are two athletes who have strengthened at their competitive level and want to be part of the senior team.

In the same way, there are Natalia Barrios and Kelly MejoradaThose in the 14-15 age group are strong contenders to showcase their talent in world pools.

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At the last National Championship, there was an interesting competition where every athlete, both children and youth, showed excellent play, and this speaks volumes about the work in all the institutions of the country.

Ivan Bautista revealed that he likes divers Kelly Mejorada, David Velasquez and Alejandro FloresCoach Fernanda Gonzalez, who works with him, is personally supervised by him to learn about their development.

The capital is in other figures Maria Jose Sanchez MorenoBronze medalist in Guangzhou World Swimming Championship 2019In mixed diving with kings Diego Palesa and Alejandra Estudillo and Frida Sunica at the last Galle-Walle 2021 Junior Pan American Games.