December 10, 2023


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Tommy Pierce's HR team leads UCLA to a runaway win 25-22

Tommy Pierce’s HR team leads UCLA to a runaway win 25-22

Scottsdale, Arizona. – Tommy Pierce pulled off three home runs in the bottom of the 10th inning to give the third seed UCLA a crushing 25-22 victory over second-seeded Oregon State on Saturday in the Pac-12 Championships.

The 47 combined kicks were the most in a Division I game this season (out of over 8,000 games), and the last time an MLB game included more than 47 combined runs was on August 25, 1922 when the Cubs beat the Phillies 26-23, According to ESPN stats.

The victory for the Bruins, who scored nine runs down the ninth place, to force extra runs, led to a second game between the two teams later in the night nearing the 100-point mark.

The winner will face Stanford in Sunday’s first Pac 12 Championship game.

Despite losing a 21-12 lead, Oregon (43-14) bounced back in the 10th inning, reclaiming the lead in Justin Boyd’s sixth stroke, a one-game record for the Beavers.

But UCLA (38-21) can’t be slowed down as Michael Correal said, and Ethan Jorsson doubled and Kyle Karus deliberately walked to load the bases. Ryan Brown declined to net before firing match winner Pires into the left field wall.

UCLA recorded nine runs in four strokes, three runs, a hitter and a foul in the ninth inning. Curialle, Beres, and Kenny Oyama led in a pair of runs.

Pires led seven rounds, Aoyama received five hits and five RBIs, and Corial, Gorson and Karus got four hits. Gorson scored five times. UCLA finished 25 hits and 12 walks. Three hitters were injured on the field and the Bruins left 17 runners at the base. Until day 10, UCLA’s only extra base hits were a treble.

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Tommy Pierce scored a landslide victory in three rounds at home in the bottom 10th place to lead the Bruins to a ruthless 25-22 victory over Oregon State in the Pac-12 Championship.

Garrett Forrester led six runs for the Beavers with a pair of creepers among his three hits, and Gavin Logan had five hits and five RBIs. Oregon had 28 injuries, nine of which were double, received six walks and left 14 injuries at base. Boyd scored four runs.