July 23, 2024


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Uber will raise prices in the US and Canada due to the increase in petrol

Uber will raise prices in the US and Canada due to the increase in petrol

EFE.- Ride-sharing company Uber has announced it will raise prices for rides and deliveries in the US and Canada, with drivers paying for the higher gas costs themselves.

In a post on the company’s official blog, Lisa Winship, chief operating officer for drivers in the United States and Canada, explained on Friday that the late price hike would last at least two months and that additional charges would be levied. 45 or 55 cents for passenger transport and 35 or 45 cents for food delivery by Uber Eats.

The amount of payment will vary depending on where each service is manufactured.

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This rate goes directly and fully to drivers, and also applies to electric vehicles, a measure that the company protects by making sure to switch to this type of car because drivers will charge higher without costs.

Petrol and diesel once again surpassed their historic highs after rising 4.4% and 5.6% last week, respectively, with the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the global embargo on Russian oil likely to push prices higher. .

After this new increase, tenth in a row for both fuels, petrol is now 10.3% above its record price, which was in effect for more than 9 years until the end of January, while diesel prices were set at 9.4%. This is higher than its previous high since 2012.

Behind the increase that has affected fuels since the beginning of this year is mainly the rise in oil prices, which is currently at a historic level, and its prices are likely to continue to rise after the embargo announced by the US and UK. Russia’s crude oil imports were not supported by the European Union, but rejected.

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