July 23, 2024


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Watch the strange moment Johnny Depp laughs as the security guard talks about his penis in court

Watch the strange moment Johnny Depp laughs as the security guard talks about his penis in court

There was a lighthearted moment in court Thursday during the defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard when the actor burst into laughter after asking his bodyguard if he had seen the actor’s penis.

The trial between Mr. Depp and Mrs. Heard began on April 11 in Fairfax, Virginia. Depp is suing his ex-wife for $50 million over an op-ed she wrote in December 2018 in which she referred to herself as a “public figure who represents domestic violence.”

Heard did not name Mr. Depp in the article, but his lawyers said the article made it difficult for him to get movie roles.

On Thursday, Mr. Depp’s bodyguard Malcolm Connolly said he accompanied the couple to Australia in 2015, When Mr. Depp cut his finger. Mr. Depp was filming the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean movie at the time.

In relation to what happened at the home in Australia, Ms Heard’s lawyer said Mr Depp was trying to urinate “in the lobby” and “get his penis out”.

Mr. Connolly was asked, “When you got home, you could hear a noise. Right?”

He admitted that he was hearing a commotion, but only “screaming”. He said he couldn’t pronounce the words.

Then Mrs. Heard’s lawyer told the bodyguard: “I went into the house and saw Mr. Depp in the hall. Right?”

Then Connolly, who said yes, was asked, “Mr. Depp was trying to pee in the lobby, wasn’t he?”

When the bodyguard said “no,” the lawyer asked, “Mr. Depp took out his penis, didn’t he?

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“I think I would remember if I saw Mr. Depp’s penis,” said Connelly, to the laughter of Mr. Depp and others in court.

The court then turned on a recording of Mr. Depp from their time in Australia. He could be heard yelling ‘How are you attacking me’ and ‘You make me sick’. Connolly confirmed that Depp was angry at the time.

The hearing was also trending on social media.

One user tweeted: “Hey [Ms Heard] is just seeing something…wow. Her note board was getting a live engraving today… five sheets of paper through…”

Some users also mocked the questioning line.

“And while you were trying to get Mr. Deb out of the house, Mr. Depp was trying to get a little Deb out of his little house, right?” One person tweeted.