February 9, 2023


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What are the chances of T-800 Return in the Terminator upcoming Sequel

Though interest in The Terminator franchise has waned over the years, a return of the original villain, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s T-800, could reignite interest.

Released in 1984, The Terminator was a huge hit for helmer James Cameron. The terrifying sci-fi thriller was essentially a slasher movie with a futuristic twist and is worth revisiting as it tells the tale of Sarah Connor, a human pursued by the titular android assassin to prevent her from giving birth to humanity’s future savior in a war against machines.

In the sequel to the movie “The Terminator”, the titular robot became an ally of Sarah and her unborn child John Connor. They are approached by a newer, more lethal Terminator model in the second installment of “The Terminator”, but Cameron decided to switch allegiances between each film and eventually find there was nowhere else to go with Arnie’s droid.

With this ferocity, the Terminator could be re-invigorated and if it does so, it will bring back memories of a horror film. The Terminator’s actions in both the original film and T2 were so immersive because there was no humor and his menacing nature was shown in his ability to kill people easily.

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Despite this, audiences have found that Arnie has transformed into an old hero with a peaceful soul who is more sympathetic than scary. James Cameron suggested after seeing these changes that Arnie never imagined what T2 would become when he first saw the script but rather expected the scene where he charges into a room with arms akimbo. He went on to reveal that Arnie was surprised that there was no scene where he killed people immediately.

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Judging by the recent entries to the Terminator franchise, it is clear that the series creators are aware of the franchise’s lapses and want to shake up the formula.

To provide a refreshing twist on expectations, consider how  Terminator: Genisys killed off John Connor and replaced him with a non-human-looking Terminator – only for this twist to be spoiled in later trailers. However, Dark Fate does not provide the worst case scenario for hiding the most surprising twists in its opening scene.

It was shocking when a defenseless kid was gunned down in the opening of Dark Fate-a brutal and unexpected scene that brought back memories from the original 1984 movie. The movie then went on to have way too many human characters, allowing for hilariously anti-climactic and inconsistent scenes throughout the runtime.

Not only did Dark Fate not feature any scenes as shocking as its opening kill later in the story, but it even had moments where viewers saw a Terminator aging into retirement, which was later willed into becoming a suburban stepdad by Brad ‘Hunter’ Parsons.