July 23, 2024


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‘Woman of a Soldier’: Peruvian documentary screened at an important event in Canada

‘Woman of a Soldier’: Peruvian documentary screened at an important event in Canada

Film Festival Human Rights Watch From Toronto, Canada The documentary premiered on Saturday “Soldier’s Woman”From the Peruvian director Patricia Weiss-RissoIn which The Rape of Quechua women by Peruvian soldiers During the Civil Armed Conflict launched by the Shining Bath terrorist group in the 1980s.

Picture, this One-fifth planned by the festival In the path of the four women, which began last Thursday, Magda, Magna, Virginia and Santosha, In 1984, they were raped by soldiers in the town of Monta in the province of Huancavelica, and for more than 30 years they went to court to convict their rapists.

In an interview with the agency FThe director of the documentary expressed his satisfaction with the selection of “A Soldier Woman” for the Canadian Festival and described sexual violence against women in armed conflict. “One of the international human rights identity issues”.

According to human rights groups, between 1980 and 2000, during the years of conflict between Peruvian security forces and the Shining Bath organization, more than 5,000 women were raped, mostly by soldiers and police officers, but also by mountaineers.

Weiss Risso said neither the Peruvian armed forces nor the government had apologized for the violations and did not acknowledge that they had occurred. Also, as in the case of the 4 women in the documentary, he pointed out. “The Ministry of Defense has burned the files And says he does not have all the information he is asked for. “

“For the accused, the Ministry of Defense has appointed lawyers, who at all times are obstructing the process. His dissertation also states that they agreed that they were lovers“, He continued.

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In the film, he describes a soldier who went to his house in search of himself in 1984, which is why Monta goes with him to the Army Garrison. Along the way, the soldier raped her and then asked her to accept him as his companion, which she accepted out of fear.

Other young women from Manda, such as Magna, Virginia, and Santosa, received similar treatment.

“Your case is very important. The investigation is ongoing and will definitely get a sentence in the coming months. Let’s hope it works out in their favor because you don’t know justice. It is also the first case in which nine women have been convicted of a crime against humanity, “said Weiss Risso.

“And, with the properties they have Quechua peasant women considered second-class citizens. There is still indifference in Peruvian society. After all, who cares? ”