December 2, 2023


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Canada is amending its laws to detect crimes on the moon

Canada is amending its laws to detect crimes on the moon

While this may seem like a ‘crazy’ fact at first glance, this Thursday it is convincing Canadian lawmakers have agreed to amend its penal codeSo can their officers Bring the persons responsible for the crimes committed on the moon before the judicial courts.

Approved with 181 votes in favor and 144 votes against, the new rule focuses on empowering the judiciary to act in cases. For example, cases that refer to crimes that could eventually be committed by astronauts in that country, When he took part in space travel.

The plan to change the law was backed by a plan tabled in legislative events this week, and, as far as officials are aware, goes in the same direction as other efforts by officials in places like Ottawa that have expanded its jurisdiction. Use the power in those cases done at the International Space Station.

Under this approved proposal, the Canadian judiciary would be able to provide the same treatment for crimes committed in its territory as for crimes committed by its compatriots in the territory.

While this may seem like a ‘strange’ issue at first, it does happen by the time astronauts start. Increase the number of spacecraftY Advertising boards That is, 50 years later, new humans are scheduled to travel to the moon.

Precisely in this mission, the international media indicates that it is planned for 2024, more precisely in May, and on the team participating in this flight, there is a Canadian astronaut who will travel as part of it. Team of the Artemis II ship.

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In light of this new law, was introduced by the amendment of Lunar Gateway, In the Penal Code. “If a Canadian crew member commits an act or omission outside of Canada during a space flight, it would be a criminal offense to commit that act or offense in Canadian territory.

So, apart from the moon, the behavior that will be carried out during this new jurisdiction that Canada will repeal is the stay at the space station and, of course, the operation on the lunar surface.

In addition to the effect that this new law has on Canadian citizens, members of the Canadian Legislature have also made it clear that they will act in cases such as jurisdiction or competence. Astronauts from other countries pose a threat to the lives or integrity of Canadian astronautsDuring international space missions and against other astronauts, as long as this mission is funded by Canada.

Canada is currently participating in the space program and what Led by NASA, it also has contributions from Japan and the European Space Agency.

The planned project is that from 2026, the station to be established by this mission will serve as a point for the development of robotic and human exploration projects on the lunar surface.

* With information from AFP.