May 31, 2023


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Canada joins countries blocking Huawei and ZTE from their networks



05/30/202209:00 amAuthor: WritingSource: Agencies

Canada joins countries blocking Huawei and ZTE from their networks

Canada will ban two of China’s largest telecom equipment manufacturers from operating on its 5G phone networks.

The restrictions are the opposite Huawei And the country’s Minister of Industry Fran பிரான்ois-Philippe Champagne announced on Thursday that the decision would improve mobile Internet services and “protect the safety of Canadians”.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenpin said they would assess the situation and take action to protect their interests. Chinese companies.

“Without any conclusive evidence, the Canadian side cited ambiguous security risks as an excuse to exclude the relevant Chinese companies from its company. Market. The move violates market economic policy and free trade rules and severely damages the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese companies, “the official said.

Huawei Canada He responded with a statement in which he “Disappointment“:” This is an unfortunate political decision, neither cyber security nor the technologies in question. “

Many countries have already imposed restrictions on these companies, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

In the meantime, ZTE He said he rejected the “lead” of the Canadian government’s announcement, saying it was “highly speculative”.

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