September 23, 2023


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Hot Dogs Festival Projects Latin Movie on Canadian Screens

Hot Dogs Festival Projects Latin Movie on Canadian Screens

After a virtual agenda last year, the event returns to theaters in its usual categories, awards and the Mad In category, this time focused on Chilean films, under suspicion: Zokunentu, Meeting point, Desert space, Alis, Primera and distorted short film.

Similarly, the Oscar-nominated documentary, The Mole Agent, is on the billboard and will be screened online, while the Brazilian film stands out with four audiovisuals.

In this sense, the calendar proposes the Lavra of Laura Ferman and Mariana Weiss’s Vento na Frontira’s international premiere, Lucas Pomposi, Peals, Marcos Bimentel and Symphony de Am Home Com, Jose Fofili.

Until May 9, the festival will screen two films by new Mexican directors: Mama, Xun Sero and Las hostilidades, M. Sebasti├ín Molina, the Peruvian film Pakucha, Tito Catacora and Costa Rican’s autobiographical film Ernesto, gracias, by Laura Angel Cordoba.

According to the official page of the competition, the products competing for the Best International Documentary Award include a dozen projects made in countries such as Armenia, Poland, USA, Belgium, Japan, Ukraine, Germany, Brazil, Switzerland. .

Similarly, there is an area dedicated to the success of the season with films like Hannah Pollock’s Angels of Sinjar; Calendar Girls, Maria Louhfwood and Love Martinson; A House Made of Splinters, Simon Lering; Midwives, by Hnin Ei Hlaing; Gavin Fitzgerald’s million dollar pigeons, among many others.

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