September 25, 2023


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The United States, Canada, France and the United Kingdom are all urging citizens to leave Russia

The United States, Canada, France and the United Kingdom are all urging citizens to leave Russia

Many countries facing the escalation of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia have made a series of recommendations urging their citizens to leave the Russian nation.


Canada on Saturday asked its citizens to refrain from traveling to or leaving Russia due to the armed conflict in Moscow.

In an update for his tips for travelers, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Canadians recommended that “all travel to Russia should be avoided due to the effects of the armed conflict in Ukraine, including restrictions on air links and financial transactions.”

“If he is in Russia, he should leave as long as there are still business options,” he added. Ottawa

United States

The State DepartmentIn addition, he asked his citizens in a statement not to travel to Russia.

He warned that those in Russia could be “persecuted” by Russian security forces while the US embassy has a “limited capacity” to help its citizens. At the time of increasing tension between Washington and Moscow To the war in Ukraine.

United Kingdom

The British Foreign Office on Saturday urged British citizens to leave Russia if it is not “essential” to remain in Russia following the Moscow invasion of Ukraine.

“If you do not need to stay, we strongly advise you to consider leaving the country through more available trade routes,” he says. Foreign Office In his latest update on Russia Travel Recommendations, on an appeal similar to what he has already done United States A week ago.

At the same time, he urges them not to travel to the country to confront the British “Lack of flight options to return to the UK” And this “Fluctuations in the Russian economy” The conflict was sparked by the war in Ukraine and international sanctions.

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The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ukraine on Saturday summoned its citizens who are not “essential” to leave Russia amid escalating conflict. “Increasing shortage of air connections” is taken into account.

“In the context created by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, it is necessary to tighten international sanctions and criminal law against this country and to be more vigilant,” the ministry explained.

“Travel to or from Russia has been severely hampered by the closure of airspace between Russia and EU member states,” Paris explained.

Earlier, last Thursday, the ministry had already updated its travel recommendations and strongly recommended to its citizens to leave Russia.