Road Trip Time Machine provides nostalgic look at 1966 Osoyoos

A series of videos captured by the provincial Ministry of Transportation in 1966 provides a unique look at the South Okanagan through the front windshield of a vehicle.

The BC Road Trip Time Machine video series includes Highway 97 from the U.S. border to Vernon.

Even though the videos were posted last year, now that the imaging is 50 years old, it’s worth another look.

“It’s a long ride, so we have broken it up into three segments for you to view; the U.S. border to Penticton, Penticton to Kelowna and Kelowna to Vernon,” the ministry’s website reads.

The photologs were originally created to capture road conditions information across the province and provide engineers with the ability to study a particular stretch of road without having to travel into the field.

Now, however, the videos offer something else: a nostalgic look back.

“The camera installed onto the dash of a car and driven over 9,000 km of BC highways captured some incredible glimpses of our province during the heyday that was the 60’s,” the website suggests.

Not surprisingly, the videos are a bit utilitarian and require a sharp eye if you’re looking for landmarks, but for the most part you’ll be surprised at how little the South Okanagan has changed over 50 years.

The initial videos included imaging of the Malahat, Highway 1 and across the original Port Mann bridge in Vancouver.

All of the videos are available on the Road Trip Time Machine website, with the U.S. border to Vernon videos available here.