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When Do You Have To Call a Professional Plumber in Ottawa?

When Do You Have To Call a Professional Plumber in Ottawa?

The most valuable life lesson is knowing when and how to ask for help. Well, the virtue applies in all aspects of life, especially when solving plumbing problems on your property. Plumbing issues are dangerous, and the damages can be vast and costly over time.

When examining your home’s plumbing system, different hallmarks will help you know whether you need the hands of a professional plumber. Therefore, please don’t get confused, forgetful, or overwhelmed when it’s time to correct your faulty plumbing system.

Here are the most typical plumbing problems and when you need to get a professional plumber Ottawa :

5 Scenarios that Will Require you to Call a Professional Plumber

Dry Tabs

When the water in your home suddenly stops running, it’s time to call a professional plumber. Whether you’re experiencing an isolated dry spell or larger-scale plumbing issues like spitting faucets and malfunctioning water heaters, look for experts to help you identify the underlying problems quickly and efficiently. You will get back and run again as soon as possible.

Have you been experiencing a drought in your home? It might be more than just the weather affecting your water supply. A dry patch could indicate something wrong with the plumbing system – from burst pipelines to underlying issues that need immediate professional attention. Be sure to get back on track before all taps run empty: talk to an expert and get the help you need.

To ensure a quick diagnosis of your plumbing issue, assess the state of their water outlets – both hot and cold water supplies. A thorough check is immensely helpful when it comes to problem-solving. However, feel free to always ask for help. Either way, assess across all residences when multiple dry tabs are in your property before reaching out for expert assistance.

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Faulty Water Heater

Water heater issues are major inconveniences, as an absence of hot water can drastically affect day-to-day lifestyle and bring future health problems. Professional plumbing assistance is needed to ensure the full functionality of this essential appliance.

You will diagnose a faulty water heater after noting extreme delays in warming up after usage or even downright icy showers despite constant use and proper writing. Avoid further damage by addressing any issue before it spirals out of control – let a qualified plumber help your family experience hassle-free comfort with their vital service.

Unreliable water heaters can cause a world of hurt. As water heater units age, they accumulate rust and damage. Therefore, if you experience condensation build-up around your unit or it feels damp, in that case, these are signs that a certified plumber should be contacted immediately to resolve potential corrosion issues before costly repairs become necessary.

Leaky Faucets

From the subtle drip-drip of a faucet to an unwanted flood, leaky taps can cost you more than just irritation. Monthly water bills spike as pressurized water escapes through eroded rubber washers and weakened ceramic seals. Not to mention hinting at possible larger plumbing issues lurking beneath the surface. To protect your wallet and home, regular maintenance is key for holding back these costly leaks.

Don’t let a drip cause your wallet to bleed. Leaky faucets indicate more significant problems with seals made from rubber or silicone washers and ceramic taps that have degraded without routine maintenance. 

Changing and swapping out washers and discs may be part of the solution to stop a leak, but without special plumbing tools, it can quickly become an unfortunate task. Furthermore, if the leak has gone untreated for some time, you need additional repairs to ensure that all the pipes are functioning correctly again. In these scenarios, it’s essential to contact an experienced plumber as soon as possible for maximum efficiency. That is where professional plumbers come into play.

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Malodorous Gases

A smelly, messy problem calls for a professional solution – don’t be embarrassed if you find yourself in this situation. Blocked or broken sewer lines cause puddles and unpleasant odours that may arise outdoors and inside your home. 

Overstuffed toilets, aging pipes, and tree roots are among the most common causes of clogged sewers – plumbers have the experience to tackle all these scenarios with precision using their specialized tools. Don’t try tackling it on your own; instead, rely on an insured expert who will repair it without causing further damage. Get professional help before facing larger and smelly problems.

General Maintenance of the Plumbing system

For any property, a functioning plumbing system is vital. From unexpected disasters to simple maintenance tasks, an experienced plumber keeps your home running smoothly and helps you avoid expensive repairs down the line. 

Hiring a professional plumber for even seemingly small jobs will save time and money in the long term. Additionally, it will help you avert unnecessary stress from DIY fixes gone wrong. If you’re serious about keeping up on all aspects of your place’s plumbing needs – rental or residential— contact a licensed and insured pro today.


Serving more than just plumbing disasters and emergencies, experienced plumbers are invaluable when it comes to inspecting and assessing all aspects of a property’s water systems. Save yourself from potential flooding or broken pipes by leaving the hard work in licensed professional hands. Professional plumbers take care of your plumbing problems while you enjoy hot showers and manageable utility bills.

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