52 families headed home; 18 others still under evacuation order

After spending several weeks filling sandbags, BC forestry workers cheerfully went about the business of unloading bags no longer necessary at Gyro Park.

Note: Updated to include 16 properties at the north end of Osoyoos Lake still under evacuation order.

While fifty-two families will be allowed back into their homes as Osoyoos Lake continues to recede, two others in the community will have to wait as the Town of Osoyoos conducts “rapid damage assessments.”

The Town of Osoyoos Friday lifted an evacuation order for 31 properties on Harbour Key Drive, 15 others on Solana Key Court, five on Cottonwood Drive and one on Spartan Drive.

That leaves two Osoyoos properties — one on Kingfisher Drive and another on Solana Key Court — and 16 properties at the north end of Osoyoos Lake on Lakehead Campsite Drive still under an evacuation order delivered two weeks ago.

The Lakehead Campsite Drive properties are located in the Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen.

The Town says the assessment will “determine if [the] homes . . . are safe as lake levels continue to drop.”

The Osoyoos Coast Beach Hotel and Paradise Park RV Resort also remain under an evacuation order.

Osoyoos lake’s water level dipped below 915 feet in the wees hours Friday morning, according to the US Geological Survey, which measures the lake’s level at its Oroville, WA, station.

The lake was at 914.84 feet at 6:45 this morning. A no-wake restriction remains in place to protect lakeshore properties.

Meanwhile, south of the US border, officials are keeping the Okanogan River closed for the US Memorial Day Weekend.

NewsRadio 560KPQ is reporting local officials made the decision after consultation with the army corps of engineers.

Okanogan County Sheriff Frank Rogers says other rivers and lakes are open but strongly encourages being smart on the water because it’s dangerous right now.

“We’re just hoping it’s uneventful but it could get ugly if somebody just doesn’t pay attention,” he said. “As I have said, a lot of times people think there’s a lot of intelligence in a can of beer and there’s not.”

Sheriff Rogers says the rivers and lakes are very cold with high water levels, swift currents and debris.


  1. Actually there are still 16 homes at the north end of Osoyoos Lake (all with Osoyoos addresses) that are still under evacuation order. While I understand that property is technically in the RDOS and aren’t million dollar waterfront homes, they are still part of Osoyoos and it would be nice if they were not forgotten.


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