It’s back — lean, mean and prickly — and the Town of Osoyoos wants your help ridding the region of it.

Landowners are being encouraged to learn how to identify puncturevine — and then understand how to control it.

The noxious weed found in the Okanagan-Similkameen region is an annual plant with sharp spines that can easily penetrate leather, skin, and puncture rubber tires.

“It is important for landowners to be able to recognize puncturevine at an early stage of growth, as this is when it can most easily be controlled, as opposed to when it is large and seedpods have matured,” explains the Town in a release.

“Landowners can help by not providing an opportunity for weeds to grow, as well as by patrolling their properties in the summer and controlling any puncturevine they discover.

Long-term residents to the region will be familiar with the noxious weed. But others might be wondering what they’re looking for.

The puncturevine plant branches from its base and spreads along the ground to form dense mats.  Its leaves are hairy and grow in pairs on opposite sides of the stem.  The leaf is divided into four to eight pairs of oval leaflets.

The yellow flowers originate in the leaf axils.  The fruit contains five sections that form tough, sharp and sometimes curving spines. Flowering and seed production typically occurs from mid-June to October.

If you find puncturevine on your property or boulevard, click this link Puncturevine and Longspine Sandbur for information on managing it.

Puncturevine should be carefully pulled and double bagged, then taken to the local landfill. Tipping fees are waived for invasive plant disposal at the Osoyoos & District Sanitary Landfill. Simply inform the scale clerk upon entering the landfill.


  1. To hand-pull a puncture vine plant of any size (above a baby plant ) is tricky due to the speed it matures and makes seeds , and the difficulty of reaching the middle stem without puncturing your hand or fingers, and to grab the middle you have to be standing right above it to successfully pull it up by the root thereby having to step on the radiating stems of the plant and so your shoes are also picking up puncture seeds. It’s a horrible weed. Even walking around on a dirt surface near a puncture vine plant makes your shoes pick up and scatters more seeds . There is no easy way to pull up up established plants without redistributing seeds. The best solution is to just grow another vigorous ground cover to complete with it.


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