Another clutch performance
for Coyote Cleaver

A gleeful Cathy Portmann looks over the haul a tuckered Austin Cleaver gathered for her during a 60-second shopping spree at Osoyoos AG Foods Thursday afternoon.

As an Osoyoos Coyote, Austin Cleaver knows all about shifts and systems.

But he got an introduction to the unique world of 60-second shopping sprees Thursday, compliments of Cathy Portmann, the winner of Osoyoos Ag Foods’ Great Grocery Giveaway 60-second shopping spree.

“It’s hard to train for that, not used to that at all,” said Austin after a 60-second sprint through the store that left him a bit winded.

As a hockey player, he’s more familiar with going full tilt for between 30 and 60 seconds before cycling off the ice.

“Fortunately there were no body checks, no physical play.”

What there was instead was a system of little notes left by Ms. Portmann, who not only wanted to ensure Austin knew what to pick up and what to pass by but also to give him little boosts during his run.

“I had little words of encouragement on my notes,” she explained. “Good job! Keep going!”

The messages seemed to help. Austin gathered $649.36 in steaks, roasts, burgers and more.

“He did a great job. It was awesome,” said Ms. Portmann. “I got everything I wanted. It takes care of barbecue season.”

Ms. Portmann, who works at Johnson Meier’s Osoyoos office across the street, was on her lunch break for the race. She left everything in the AG Foods freezer and headed back to work.

“This is fantastic. This is fun,” said store manager Derek Morgan. “It’s good to see someone local win it.”


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