Brendyn’s quest: Looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift

Publisher’s Note: Mother’s Day through the eyes of a four-year-old. I took Brendyn, my grandson, shopping with me this week. We were looking in Osoyoos for the perfect Mother’s day gift. 

Well, this was something new — a date with my Grandpa to do a little shopping for two very important women in my life.

Yes, I’m just four years old, but Grandpa has already taught me how important the women in my life are to me. Right now, that includes my mom and Nana — and my little sister Katrina (although we weren’t shopping for her because she already seems to get everything I don’t get.)

I also have an auntie living with my grandma and grandpa.

So Grandpa asked me if I would like to visit some stores in Osoyoos and see what was available as gifts as Mother’s Day approaches. I was a bit surprised. Isn’t every day Mother’s Day?, I asked my grandpa.

He just smiled and said it sometimes sure seemed like that. Mother’s Day, he added, was an extra-special day when we really wanted to make mom feel special and thank her for all she does.

And so we set off for a morning shopping. Grandpa said it can be hard finding the perfect gift for mom, but I was pretty sure I could find her a cool toy truck or dinosaur or something like that we could both play with.

I soon learned many of the stores where they sell Mommy-stuff don’t carry toy trucks.

Or dinosaurs.

Instead they sell nice clothes and things Nana can hang on her walls. or food. We even went to a place where my mom could lay on a table and a very nice lady would rub her tired muscles.

So here’s what i found in some of the stores we visited.

Frances at Osoyoos Home Hardware was very nice to me. She took me by the hand and led me through the garden section where we found all kinds of stuff for the backyard.

Nana’s house is on the lake, so I was excited to see all of the cushions and signs and other stuff that talked about how nice life at the lake was.

We got two gifts for Nana here — including a really cool Paw Patrol airplane that Nana can play with when I come over to stay. The other gift’s a secret — I don’t want Nana to know what it is until Sunday.

Out next stop was Beyond Beauty Hair & Body Lounge, where Nana works. I had to show her the Paw Patrol airplane we could play with.

But I also learned Beyond Beauty has a deal on Dermalogica Skin Care products. If you buy one, say for your Nana, you can get a second one, for mom, at half price. And you get the deal even if you’re not buying for Nana and Mom. You can get something for your wife and daughter, or mom and sister. It doesn’t matter.

We also visited Lady Chadderton’s on Main Street. I had to clean my fingers and hands before we went in and Grandpa told me not to touch any of the very nice clothes Lady Chadderton has in her shop. (Lady Chadderton is a real person; it’s not just the name of her store.)

I found something very nice for my mom here. I think it will look real nice on her this summer. I also checked out all the new jewellery Lady Chadderton has on display.

Right next door to Lady Chadderton’s is Wander Home. We wandered inside and found all kinds of imported furniture, lamps and other special things for the living room. We found some soaps imported from Thailand and I checked out the crocodiles. I think one of those would look really good at the bottom of Nana’s bed!

Then we went to Spirit Ridge at Nk’Mip Resort, just outside of Osoyoos. We stopped at Solterra Desert Spa and Grandpa talked to the very nice receptionist about body treatments — like mud wraps and scrubs — that moms seem to really like around Mother’s Day.

Solterra has gift certificates you put with a card. Then you put the card on the table with breakfast you make for mom on Mother’s Day. It’s a nice way for her to wake up.

I don’t know why, but Nana gets really excited whenever Grandpa brings home flowers. I really like it when he hands them to me in the garage and let’s me take them in to her.

So, of course, we had to stop and ask about flowers for Mother’s Day. I got to smell the roses at Polka Dot Door. The very nice lady there told me if I ordered flowers today, she could get them ready for pick-up on Saturday. Or, for a little bit of money, I could have them delivered on Sunday.

It was a good day out with Grandpa. We took along his plastic money card and bought some nice presents for Nana and my mom. We even got a little present for my auntie, Keara. I’m sure there are lots of other places in Osoyoos to visit as well.

All the moms should be very happy Mother’s Day.









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