Council pledges solution
for feared Vedette congestion

The signage suggests otherwise, but, for now, a proposed Peanut Pond subdivision has a green light.


IF ANYTHING SNARLS a proposed 47-unit townhouse development to be located on Peanut Pond, it will be traffic.

Osoyoos Council, after spending almost 45 minutes hearing numerous concerns from neighbours about an expected increase in vehicles on Vedette Drive, took less than 10 minutes Monday afternoon to green light the project and move it forward.

But that light was provisional. At least one councillor wants a made-in-Osoyoos traffic solution that “works for everybody.”

At issue is what residents fear will be a congested Vedette Drive — which meanders through the Casa Blanca and Adobe Sands complexes from Jubilee Drive and ends where the proposed development would begin.

Vedette residents fear up to another 100 vehicles could be using the lane to access the development, adding to what many see is an already tight squeeze.

Vedette can also be accessed from Valiant Lane, which joins it after passing between the Lakeview Plaza parking lot and the Super 8 Motel, and is a popular shortcut for Osoyoos residents skipping from Hwy. 3 to Jubiiee.

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Vedette/Valiant complaint

Residents were hoping to see a Main Street access to the development.

That likely is not in the cards, but residents did get some hope for a solution from Coun. CJ Rhodes.

“The internal traffic issue that we have with that property is Valiant Lane and the impact on Vadette,” he said. “I view those as being internal municipal issues that we need to deal with. They are serious and we need to come up with a plan that works for everybody.

“The process can be stopped at any point. The third reading only allows us to move forward as we deal with some of the impacts to the residents to the community that are around there.”

Coun. Brian Harvey had asked for a traffic study to be completed to determine what the development’s impact would have on Vedette.

Council, however, rejected that request.

“If we needed a traffic study at the time when [the developer] applied, I think we should have had that in there at the time,” said Coun. Myrs Bennett. “If that’s not a requirement, I feel kind of bad going back to him and saying OK w’re going to hold this up.

“It doesn’t seem like a fair thing to do.”



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