Gallery’s ‘market’ a one-stop art shop

By Natasha Purcell

The Art Gallery Osoyoos has designs this summer on being your one-stop quality artwork shopping experience.

The Gallery’s annual Summer Artisan Market opens on May 30 and runs throughout June, July and August.

The market is expected to contain breathtaking pieces from different groups and individuals in the community.

What’s different about this show is that the gallery is transformed into a market with “stalls.”

“Each stall represents a different artist or group broad spectrum of art from watercolour, acrylics, quilting, even knitting and pottery,” explained Gallery curator Sue Whittaker.

There are not many places you can go to find this variety and quality of work.

The Artisan Summer Market has everything an art lover could ask for — handmade cards and jewellery, stunning woodwork, glass and fabric art.

“There really is something for everybody.”

The gallery always keeps its primary visitors in mind.

“The goal is for the pieces to be small enough for travellers to fit them in their suitcases” explains Sue.

That means people travelling through Osoyoos can easily take their newest prized piece home to cherish forever.

Because the exhibit is in the gallery for so long, the contents of the stalls are rotated on a regular basis.

That means patrons won’t have to worry if a favourite piece is sold. There will most assuredly be one of equal beauty to replace it.

The Gallery is open noon to 4 p.m. Tuesday to Saturday through June 30 and then seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. until September 3.

It is located at 8713 Main Street.


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