Gaye Horn: It’s great living in a little town with a big heart

It is oh so easy to find fault and be critical of things, places, people and circumstances.

We all do it, whether we know it or not.

What I want to say to you today is the opposite — give yourselves a pat on the back for a job well done.

That’s right, you all have come together once again for local folks who have a need beyond their capabilities.

I have heard that it is because it is the Christmas Season, traditionally a giving time of year, when people are prone to opening their hearts and wallets more easily.

You all should know that this town — your town — does it all year round.

That is right: this town has a huge heart.

 We give to all sorts of things that matter.

 A sick child, a tragic illness robbing a young person of one of the major senses.

A family with no food in their cupboards, an elderly person needing groceries or a visitor stuck on the road, headed home or escaping home.

Yes, you do all that and more.

You have given blankets to folks who are cold, food to those who are hungry, sweaters, coats, boots.

You all give freely to whatever organization is fund raising.

I see you at the check out, stopping to make sure our local guy is ok.

I hear you passing on information on what is needed and always — and I mean ALWAYS — this town and its people come forward.

No one has to beg you to help. You are such wonderful souls you just do it.

And when anyone asks me how can this be, I always reply “Because we care about our town and the people in it.”

Osoyoos is deemed to have the Warmest Welcome in Canada. That may be true from an advertising promo kind of manner, but I would rename it “The little town with the biggest heart

So,each of you who has opened your heart to another, whatever  the reason it is, thank you. 

Thank yourselves, for you do make a huge difference in the grand scheme of things.


  1. Im new to osoyoos and came here trying to leave homelessness behind me. I secured a temporary place but at the end of February Ill need a new home. Im really worried about not finding something! 1but Im staying right here in Osoyoos. because of how nice people are here -Since arriving here, I have been sheltered temporarily, fed, clothed, been given a bed and some kitchen items, all this in just a little over a month. No one was judgmental, rude or made comments like-why dont you get a job or your just poor by choice. Also no one here is in denial that homelessness is an issue everywhere. Unlike some other towns around us- who truly believe that their quaint town is immune to the idea and doesn’t have any homeless people! So thank you for your kindness, and the cupboard —is so helpful!!