All that snow we got over the holidays? It’s about to go bye-bye.

Or we’re about to get more — it’s just a matter of who you want to believe.

The Weather Network says the South Okanagan is headed for a January thaw this weekend as temperatures warm to 4C by Saturday. The mild winter weather will continue into next week with highs of 5C expected both Tuesday and Wednesday.

Temperatures are then expected to settle into more seasonal 1s and 2s through mid-January.

The downside to the expected warming trend, The Weather Network says, is a little more moisture with a dusting of snow expected when temperatures cool overnight and the odd rain shower during the day.

Environment Canada’s weather team isn’t as bullish on the January thaw, predicting highs around zero through the weekend and into mid-week next week.

The national weather forecaster is also calling for snow through much of the same period, with a 60-percent chance of flurries each day.

Normals for this time of year are a high of -2 and lows to -8.

Our warm weather is in sharp contrast to what will be happening over much of the country east of the Rockies. While temperatures are expected to climb, highs between -10 and -20 are still expected through much of next week.

The Maritimes will also be dealing with what is being called a winter “weather bomb” this weekend, with freezing rain and blowing snow expected as a major winter storm moves up the Atlantic seaboard.


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