Local painter brings her joy
to Art Gallery Osoyoos show

Claudia Punter's The Blue Heron and Otter — an acrylic on deep cradle board.

By Natasha Purcell

A local artist’s passion to share a realistic view of the natural world opens Saturday at the Art Gallery Osoyoos.

Claudia Punter will present with the theme The Joy of Art — aptly named, she says, because art is seen truly as a joy.

“The painting has to be as I want it: the expressions, the message has to be communicated,” she says of her work. “It takes me weeks, months, to finish a painting. Time is not important, important is the message I want to give.”

An opening reception for the show, which is scheduled to run Sept. 8 to 29, will be held Friday evening from 6 to 8 p.m.

Switzerland-born, Claudia moved to Canada in 1993 and Osoyoos in 2010. She started her art career with soapstone carving and then branched to acrylic painting, watercolor, and more.  

As a self taught artist, she did not go to art schools, but learned by taking workshops, reading books, magazines and by painting whenever she had a spare minute.

She defines herself as a realist painter — meaning she paints the world as she sees it.

“I love details, to show the expression of the animal. It is the animals who tell us the most.”

The message for The Joy of Art is nature: care for the environment, care for wildlife, care for humankind.

“There is so much beauty on this earth,” she says. “I hope people take away the beauty of our planet, to live responsibly and treat Earth with minimal possible footprints.”

Claudia has selected mainly acrylics and watercolors for the show.

“It humbles me how much effort it takes to make a simple painting and what an abundance of beauty, vibrancy, color, life we get, can see and taste and feel, all day and night long,” she says.

Claudia’s work has shown in galleries, restaurants and wineries throughout the Okanagan Valley and is in the homes of art collectors in Canada and Europe.

The Art Gallery Osoyoos is located at the corner of 89 St. and Main St., under the blue canopy in the Osoyoos Arts Centre.


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