The Oliver Osoyoos Wine Association’s country cousins to the north now have a label of their own.

Changes to the provincial Wines of Marked Quality Regulation mean eligible wineries on the east side of the Okanagan Valley from Vaseux Lake to just north of Shuttleworth Creek can label their wines as coming from Okanagan Falls.

“There is a tremendous amount of collaboration, science and research that goes into defining more precise regions within an appellation, which is based very much on terroir,” explained Miles Prodan, CEO and president of the BC Wine Institute.

“Wine is about place, and we are proud of the hard work by industry and wineries coming together to define and certify these meaningful and scientifically unique regions producing distinctive world-class wines.”

The designation is the second sub-appellation in the province, the other being the Golden Mile Bench near Oliver.

Including the area-specific labelling helps people recognize the wines are made with local grapes, and enhances the area’s overall reputation as a wine and agri-tourism destination.

The area is marketed by the Okanagan falls Winery Association, which includes 15 wineries and other local partners. The Okanagan Falls wineries encompass about 150 hectares of vineyards that produce more than 1,100 tonnes of grapes per year.

“Our focus is to produce single vineyard wines to showcase the terroir of each individual vineyard,” saidNoble Ridge Vineyard & Winery’s Jim D’Andrea.

“Having a legal definition to include ‘Okanagan Falls’ on the label is one step further in helping consumers relate to the unique terroir where the grapes are grown and taste the distinct difference from this specific area.”


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