Osoyoos councillor and wife
weather storm during New jersey visit

Cheryl and Jim King "enjoy" a New York Giants football game while visiting family in New Jersey last week.

Jim and Cheryl King were looking to spend a warm family Christmas and New year with family in the US; what they got instead was a bit of the blast from a bomb cyclone that exploded on the East Coast earlier this week.

“It’s a beautiful sunny day,” said Coun. King Friday from Sparta, New Jersey, in the storm’s aftermath. “It has been cold for a week and it snowed for about 24 hours where we are.

“We got about four or five inches. New York got hit harder.”

Sparta, located about an hour west of New York City near the New Jersey-New York border, was spared the full impact of a weather system that wreaked havoc all along the eastern seaboard.

But that, said Coun. King, doesn’t mean the system didn’t have some impact.

“It’s the coldest it’s been here in who knows how many years,” he said. “(The storm) came up right along the coast. They closed the school right away and suggested that people not be on the highway.

“The stations down here were just talking about the weather all day. So a lot of people stayed home.”

That was fine for the Kings, who were in the community visiting Cheryl’s daughter and her family.

The couple also took in two National Football League games — both the New York Jets and New York Giants — and also watched the New Jersey Devils play some hockey.

“It was beautiful when we got here; there was no snow,” said Coun. King. “It’s sunny every day; I guess it’s like being in Alberta. You’ve got the blue skies. We’re on a lake here and its gorgeous.”

The cold came before the Giants game, forcing a hasty retreat for the Kings after they settled in to watch at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, just across the Hudson River from New York City.

“It was too cold, so we left early; you’ve got to be barbaric to sit in the cold.”

The Kings expect to travel home this weekend — as long as the weather cooperates.

“They closed all the airports yesterday out of Newark. Hopefully, we won’t see a problem.”



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